Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers

Lip Fillers at Hibiscus Coast Dental

Lip fillers are a versatile way to shape and plump the lips. This treatment is not exclusive to one gender and can be used to increase volume for people of all ages. After an in-depth assessment of your lips, our therapists can tailor your treatment to achieve the look and feel you desire.

Our team are careful and thorough so as to achieve the detailed results you ask for. Erring on the side of caution, our staff respect that your face is on display 24/7. They have a deep knowledge of all our products and can assure you that you will never be faced with an over-pumped lip, achieving a natural, unobtrusive enhancement.

The Perfect Pout for Youthful Lips

Your lips make up one third of your face’s distinguishable features so it’s only natural to want them to be as best they can be. Young men or women with thin lips, or the desire for more defined shape and volume, can benefit from lip fillers to enhance or correct the symmetry of this feature of their face.

Lip Fillers for Primed Patients

For mature clients, whose lips may be lacking some of their former volume or wrinkling due to a loss of elasticity in the skin, lip fillers can create a more voluptuous, youthful look. Lip fillers help the older population restore the youthful volume of their lips.

A Pumped Pucker

Although men have a naturally higher level of collagen in their skin, just as with Botox treatments, loss of volume is not only a problem for women. People of both genders choose to have their lips restored to their former fullness or even plumped up at a younger age.

What can patients expect in the room?

Much like our dermal filler treatments, each procedure is tailored to the requirements of the individual, so patients can expect a personalised injection method especially suited to their skin type and the results they would like to achieve. Fillers may be inserted in the body of the lip to increase natural volume, or injections may be made on the lip line or upper lip for the treatment of wrinkles and lines.

A numbing cream is used 20 minutes prior, as the procedure is not 100% pain free; however, patients will not experience a great amount of pain. As many lip fillers contain a local anaesthetic, most people experience anything from a light tingle at the site of the injection to a sting across the lip. Any pain patients do experience should not be lasting. There is usually minor swelling at the site for 1-2 days and there is a chance of minimal bruising.

*To further discuss the potential risks associated with lip fillers, please contact Hibiscus Coast Dental directly.

How long will patients enjoy the effects?

Fillers can last anywhere between six and twelve months, depending on the patient and the filler used by the technician. Generally, it is recommended to make appointments in six month blocks to avoid the visibility or any natural reduction. The more treatments you have, the longer the effects may last.